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Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6

So I just purcharsed it. It was reduced by 50% and I really found a liking in it back when I tested it (probably a few years ago).

Installation was a hazzle... You are forced to install some addon-ish download supervisor "for increased speed and stability" (remember to uninstall !) which my firefox did not like at all. I allowed all cookies for autodesk, disabled script blocking, removed all adblocker restrictions ... - and finally used Internet Explorer to download the program. I do not really know what they were trying to accomplish. If my daily "what the hell are you doing"-email-contingent wasn't already exhausted they would have gotten a nice mail to their support ...

But after a few minutes it finally installed.
I just did a quick research and getting my ProductKey can take "12-24h" or if you listen to all the users in their forums 3-7 days. I got a "Product SKU" which seems to be used for - well nothing. But let's see. In theory this should not be an issue, as I can simply use it as a trial for now. But what the hell is wrong with this whole procedure ? I have never seen someone wanting so badly to NOT satisfy curstomers o.O
My key arrived yesterday. So within the 12-24h period. There seems to be a difference with the test version and the activated version - but I will be investigating this further. Besides that I've drawn a little - SketchBook is really great for (right, you guessed it -) sketching. But I can't really handle the Copics yet.
We will see what time will bring. I will get you updated as soon as I got my first few images done - but this will probably be another post.
I guess I'll delay the sample drawing a little further, but I am really really happy with the workflow. I am using SPB on my Surface Pro 2 and it works like a charm. The minimalistic, stylus optimized GUI offers the best experience I've had so far!
And here it is