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Die Kaffee

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Lulu's Coffee & Co

"Newcomer" would not really do right to the impact this small bar has on Aachen's bar culture. While only serving coffee for a couple of months and still improving on the blends every week, this is a insiders tip.
Lulu's serves all of the well established coffee specialties and uses beans from Aachen's Maqii, as well as Schamong from Cologne. The blends are business secret but should be available for purchase once everything settled in can be bought right at the store. A unique design and a solid location are already a great start - but a couple of features really set this bar aside.
First of all the Pop Up Store concept allows artists to showcase and sell their work. Furthermore there are more and more (for now mostly private) events after closing time. This has great potential and opens up a lot of opportunities.
Best for last: Rather than opening Just Another Coffeebar ™ Lulu's aims to bring a "Coffee Revolution" to Aachen, declaring war on the dusty Coffee-Blues that has been riddling Aachen for quite some time.

Plums Kaffee,

One of the most well-known roasteries in Aachen: Plums has been there pretty much forever, and most of the bakeries and newsstands have adopted to this. You can get a Plums coffee almost everywhere in town. This comes at a cost: often the coffee you get is burned and old. While the beans are in general easy to handle, one of the sole places I've found to get a Plums' right is AIXPresso in Aquis Plaza.
I worked my way through a few batches of these beans and used them in almost every possible way. Neither French Press, Espresso, Cappuccino nor Drip Coffee sparked my interest. Some of their darker filter-blends work great for Cold Brew, but overall I'd say: Check out some of the other roasters in Aachen, before you spent money on "Germanies oldest".