This is going the be a bit of chaos, hopefully not too much...

What will happen ?


I plan on doing something similar to this or this on Ars Artificia. As I recently switched to Ghost, I do not really have a proper solution ready yet, to seperate between In-Character writing and normal blog posts. I want to unify my writings in one Place, so I do not want to create a tumblr for this. Be warned.

Right now (as I don't have any better ideas) I think I will just tag the post with something like #IC or #SR so they are all easy to identify. Furthermore if you are either only, or not at all interersted in those posts they will get something like a [Crosspost] or [SR] or I don't know yet on the title so you can skip or click those posts specifically. I also want to make a small menu (about page has been missing for weeks anyway...) where, in theory, I want one part to be filled with "normal" posts and one filled with IC posts. We'll see ...


Well, you'll be seeing posts from Dail (a Shadowrun - RPG Character) more and more often. He will introduce himself anyway, so I won't tell you much about him just now. Maybe we'll get some additional content from some of his omae, but I'm not sure about this just yet. In those posts you will get his insights and thoughts about everything happening around him. Looking forward to some interesting posts.

Already got some done in German, but those will probably not get translated just yet. You will mainly get a diary-like style, so that this can be used to look up the different actions and motivations. Maybe I'll add more tags for #hardaction and #fluff, but not sure about this either.

I hope you now kinda know what's coming to you, and that you do not mind the direction this is going.