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[EN] Hi.


I'm Thies.

19 yo from a small village near Brunswick / Lower Saxony / Germany.
Atm I'm in a apprenticeship as systems integration specialists / system administrator.
In addition I'm one of the operators of the HeerscharenNET Hosting Project (together with @Lukas).
I'm going to write most Stuff in German and i'll mostly write 'bout stuff happens on my Work or in my daily life as sysadmin after work.

If you've any questions. ASK!


Cause of the fcking Markdown Version which doesn't accepts the table layout:

  • Name: Thies
  • Age: 19
  • Sex: male
  • City: Brunswick/Hamburg
  • Country: Germany

You'll find me here:

Twitter: @td00
Internet: https://td00.de



Tech-Head of HeerscharenNET with Lukas, Nerd, admin, internet activist, punk, veggie, Germany, https://twitter.com/_td00_ root@td00.de

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