I'm attempting to switch to a proper WordPress Theme right now, prepare for input:

The first thing I learned is - image sizes matters. :D

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The main column width is 474.
  2. Featured images work best with images that are least 1038 wide.
  3. The primary sidebar (left) width is 162.
  4. The secondary “content” sidebar (right) width is 306.
  5. Widgets in the footer widget area are 255 wide.
  6. The header image size is 1260 wide and 240 high.
  7. Single image pages are full-width and 810 wide.

Well the next thing is learned was image size sucks.

Seriously. Why would you do that ? No image is scaled at all and a (imho) ill-favored grain pattern fills the rest. ugh :/